Viaje extra-ordinario-Bòlit


EXTRA-ordinary TRIP, meteor Contemporary Art Centre of Girona Sound installation Stansted v2 2 Overcrowding of tourism is largely due to the low cost travel and hotel deals. The world of Gaudi is a touristic magnet. The fame of Gaudí has been petty and certainly delayed, and threatens to place him in the Kisch underworld. This is what happens with mass tourism... We can not give up turism, but we should strive to make it more understandable and more critical. Air + Gaudí is the story of two English girls who come to party for a weekend to Catalonia. Trancy and Sharon - Is a sound installation which records all the flight from Stansted to Barcelona + conversation Trancy and Sharon. Beginning their party on the plane where they ask for wine, Sharon freaks out with Gaudí and decides to stay for a while in Catalonia, to learn Catalan and start to learn a master on catenary curve. Raise the level of homo turistiqus, but how can we make it understandable and more critical? Maybe throough art: debating, talking…This can be a good start.

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