Your second home


Project Brugat and Sara Rosa Riera This project consists of two parts, the first "second home" and six years later "This is your house". 1- The installation "Your second home" Galeria Km 7 (Camallera) in 2006. It was a note of alarm about contruction in our the planet and the extremely expensive price per square metre of building areas, which ended up creating the housing bubble. The explosion of the over-construction began in 2007, following the 2008 global crisis and economic regression. The granting of mortgages with few guarantees, prices above the CPI (consumer price index) and income, made these priceless and banks were the beneficiaries of the estate and debt to pay. That undoubtedly forced many families into deep poverty. Our proposal was an installation in a pool where the scenery was a livingroom. (a social critique of the price per square meter). We were inviting, in a satiric way, people to live in the water or in their own swimmingpool as a solution to host guests and family visitors during the summer time. 2-part of the project This will be your home After six years of the first project we thought it was impossible to have a second home, no matter how small it was. As we hardly had documentation "your 2nd home" just some pictures and also the Website: http: // rosa_brugat?, we decided to repeat the installation to have more documentation, but as we have said in this elapsed time, politics, society was poorer. Countries in bankruptsy and asking for European rescue. Spain was one of the most affected countries. One of the principal consequences was unemployment, and the construction sector was one of the most affected ones by the crisis in the housing boom and the subsequent decline in sales. Thinking of the popular outraged protests and in the impoverishment of society, we decided to update the project according to our times. Our proposal was to place a tent in the water (another pool) because they are very few privileged people who can afford to buy a house and even less a second home. We kept on working and researching with water as the medium (which is not our natural habitat). Other pieces with water as reference are moving and illuminated sculptures in the fishermen town of Port de la Selva (Empordà)

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