What sirens think?

Video 6 min.

What do mermaids think? Place of shooting: Can Mia and Banyoles lake Duration: 6 minutes Cultural anthropology anthropomorphic beings and the reason why of our fascination and curiosity about anthropomorphic beings who do not have sex. Mermaids are seductive and ambiguous because it can not meet the passions aroused. Referring to ‘the mermaid and the shepherd’ the poem from Joan Maragall (a romance between a shepherd and a mermaid). In this case the mermaid, or rather brook, is not in the sea but in Banyoles lake. It is a clear change of roles between the feminine and masculine avoiding what still surprises us: "sexism". We enter also subtly in sexual attractions: Desire, rejection... the film takes place surrounded by a disturbing fantasy and aggressive primitivism.

What sinrens think?

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