St. James duck went to holydays to spain

Video 2 min.

A St James’ Park Duck goes on holiday to Spain 2- The second part was created especially for this exhibition and will be shown later at the Aiguamolls Natural Park in the Emporda region of Spain. Pictures taken in Saint James’ Park on my last trip to London Ducks and Swans travelling as migratory birds (leaving the safe waters of their lake ) from one place to another, crossing different civilizations, different countries, imbibing their culture and also their suffering, absorbing oil from the seas in their wings as they gradually lose their feathers. What becomes of the poor birds will be seen in the September exhibition in Spain. I also present a work inspired by this one book library: Sam Savage’s literary rat. At first this rat feeds on the paper of the books and later it learns to assimilate the knowledge in them. In the end it feels alone and not accepted by anyone, too clever for mice, too ugly for humans, like the ugly duckling or the black swan. Without a doubt, the loneliness of the soul is a mirror for us.

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