Mona de seda

Video 4 min.

1- The art video “Mona de Seda” (“Monkey dressed in silk”)(Silken Monkey?) and “Light boxes” that were displayed at the Darde Museum of Taxidermy in Banyola (Spain) With her light boxes and, above all, the “Mona de Seda” perfor- mance, she suggests a new catalogue of species that reveals an hypothetic and unrestrained regression process in which humans and animals meet again in a common state of moral depravity, at an age of primary instincts where those principles had been eradicated, the ones that at some distant moment in evolution, maybe one where distinctions between flesh and soul were still made, had been considered has an specific human characteristic trait. Rosa Brugat, following Desmond Morris’ thesis, in The Naked Ape, injustice and inequality implanted with the relentless authority of a legal decree have caused a new sinister and detestable way, because physical defects are now a reflection of an insufficiency of spirit. Actually, the same artist is humbled to a state of a thing. Her skulls also give shape to morally destroyed individuals, subjects intoxicated by lowness and superficiality, with a calamitous lack of human protein. Degraded to their primate condition, specimens are presented as an abomination of Nature that keep disturbing similarities with zoology, but also with the anthropometry studies that the concen- tration camp guardians submitted the prisoners in order to reinforce their inferiority and justify consequently, the extermination. Eva Vazquez - art critic


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